Gold Storage

The gold package encompasses storage in our purpose built vault, with the following specifics:

All the features of bronze and silver storage:

  • Complimentary multi-point inspection service on arrival; tyre pressure check, tyre overinflation to avoid flat-spotting, fluid level check, interior valet, exterior clean and chamois dry, entry photographs, vehicle allowed to dry for 1 day in our unit before fitting of a scratch resistant indoor cover, keys logged and tagged.

  • Allocated vehicle bay

  • Fully insured (up to a certain value; needs beyond this will be discussed on an individual car basis)

  • Battery conditioner/trickle charger fitted

  • Vehicle engine started twice per month, reaching operating temperature

  • Vehicle wheels rotated twice per month, to avoid flat-spotting of tyres

  • Tyre pressures checked and readjusted twice per month

  • Drip-tray positioned under car to fully monitor any fluid losses

With the following additional features:

  • Vehicle exercised twice per month for up to 20 minutes (on selected dry weather days)

    • Vehicle exercising is vital to certain automotive machinery and we regard it as one of the most important aspects to keeping your pride and joy in full working order.

  • Yearly MOT at our local approved certified test centre

Gold storage is £40.00/week.

Additional features are also available as 'add-ons' to all of our storage packages.

Interested in our Gold Package or would like to discuss your options further? Contact us today.