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Growing up as the son of John Chatham, the renowned Austin Healey racing driver, developing a passion for cars in general, and prestige and classic cars in particular, was inevitable.

Being introduced to cars at a young age, these have shaped almost every aspect of my life, ranging from small projects, through complete nut and bolt restorations, to campaigning our Austin Healey 3000 with my brother Jack.

As an owner of a number of beloved engines over the years, I fully appreciate the passion, time and dedication that goes into restoring and maintaining a car. Over the last few years, I have developed a vision to provide a prestige, purpose-built, car storage facility, with the belief that storage at optimal conditions, enables maximum longevity and thus maximum enjoyment of these beautifully engineered machines.

We have created a range of customised packages to suit every individual's needs, from clients who purchase automotive investments, intending to deep-store their asset whilst it appreciates in value, to clients we see almost every weekend, to take their pride and joy out for an adventure. The vault is here as a safe haven; we offer a home for true car enthusiasts and investors alike; the vault does not take sides, does not judge, we only admire the beautiful machinery under our custodianship, treating it as if it were our own. Thus, allowing our clients to sleep sound at night, in the knowledge that their investment is in the best hands.